From Native American traditions:

• The Lost Boy (based on Cherokee legend)
• The Medicine Man (a Blackfoot legend)
• The creation of the Bears (from the Cherokee)
• The origin of the evergreens (a teaching story from the Cherokee)
• Cherokee creation story (may include both of the above)
• A Dog Tale (tail?) from the Iroquois
• Little Burnt Face (an old Micmac legend)
• A Lesson Remembered (based on a Cherokee story of the hunter and the bear)

From the European Folktale Tradition:

• Whitebear Whittington (a magic spell makes a strange marriage)
• The Nixie of the Pond (a broken promise keeps two lovers apart)
• The Stone Cutter (a lesson about vocation and true happiness)
• The Secret of the Animals (a revenge story with unexpected turns)
• The Pea
• Guiseppi andSeborah (a juggler’s bequest)

From the Far East:

• The Ruby (a good story to end with)
• Chi and Ling (a Chinese tale of two brothers, treachery & greed meet generosity & good will)

Appalachian Folk Tales:

• Old One Eye (sort of a fish tale)
• The Haint (a little spooky, but very interesting)

Sheri Liles Originals:

• The Snow Globe (a great Christmas story with an environmental message)
• My Grampa’s Walking Stick (a tall tale if ever there was one!)
• The Missing Person’s Report (A lost girl is found under very unusual circumstances)
• The Old Man and the Lion (one good deed begets another)
• The Night Light (a good story for Christmas or any time that hope is needed)