I have a diverse background in teaching and health care, with degrees in both English and Nursing.  More recently, my husband and I have operated a small organic farm (see our farm website at for the past nine years where we host school groups of all sizes and ages.  The farm is a working farm, and children and adults come here for classes and for tours to learn about sustainable food and energy production.

 As a mother of two boys (and now a boastful grandmother of two really smart kids!), I often told stories at bedtime; but my career as a professional storyteller began to take shape a decade ago when I began working as a teacher/naturalist at the Great Smoky Mountains Institute at Tremont, an environmental learning center.  Part of my job included leading hikes and backpacking trips for youth and adults, and storytelling became a regular part of nights spent around the campfire.

My interest in Native American legends and Appalachian folk tales has shaped the stories I like to tell, and I’ve even written a few of my own, which I’ll share with you if you’ll twist my arm (a little).